The focus of my work is the holistic view of the human being and the interaction of body, mind, feeling and soul and being part of the world.


I use techniques from Craniosacral and Visceral Impulse Regulation, connective tissue techniques and mental healing techniques to release blockages on structural, physical and psychological levels.


In this form of baby therapy according to Karlton Terry (IPPE, Institute for Pre- and Perinatal Education) the family gets a protected safe space. The baby gets heard, its body language better understood. The connection between child and parents is strengthened.


I accompany people in challenging life situations, use techniques from “Soul-Based-Coaching” (Annemiek van Helsdingen) so that the soul has space to develop and shine (Online and in person).

About Me


Born 1963 in Upper Austria, married, 2 daughters

General practitioner

Cranio Sacral Impulse Regulation (CSIR) – Joelle Aimée-Toulouse

Bach flower therapy – Mechthild Scheffer

Acupuncture – ÖGKA

Trauma therapy – Thomas Harms

Baby therapy – IPPE, Karlton Terry

Award of the title „Medicine Woman“ – George Thomas

Huna – Uncle Les Kuloloio

Holistic healing methods – Ethnomedizinisches Institut Munich

European Wheel of Life and Mythodramatic Ritual Design – Ursula Seghezzi

Hypno-Acupuncture – ÖGKA

My Work

For many years I have been accompanying people during periods of change in their lives. The topics range from pregnancy, birth, parenthood, integration into systems such as kindergarten and school, transitional periods such as puberty and menopause, up to guidance at the end of life and grief counseling for relatives.

A deep letting go can take place in an atmosphere of being given space to be yourself, being heard and seen, valuing touch and being held.

Blockages in the body, in thinking and in feeling can dissolve. In this state of deep relaxation the person finds back to self-regulation and balance.


I accompany pregnant women in preparation for birth, help release tensions in the pelvis, give relieve for back pain and sleeping disorders. I offer the possibility to work through one’s own birth in order to reduce fears and to approach the birth in a positive way.


Mothers can come when they have breastfeeding difficulties, their babies cry a lot, sleep poorly, suffer from colic, asymmetries in movement or the skull are noticeable, hip dysplasia has been diagnosed or delays in motor development occur.

Harmonization of the cranial structures is especially recommended after birth interventions such as cesarean section, suction cup, breech presentation and long difficult births. Babies show their story with their body language and their voice, telling what they experienced in their mother’s womb and around the birth. I support the parents in understanding their baby’s language and with this knowing being able to open a healing field for the baby.


Parents come with their children because they frequently suffer from colds, ear infections, allergies, tend to be anxious or hyperactive, suffer from sleeping disorders or concentration problems and therefore learning difficulties. CSIR is also a good support for postural defects and jaw misalignments (as an accompanying therapy during orthodontic treatments)


During puberty, a major remodeling takes place in the brain. Adolescents often suffer from sleeping problems, concentration problems, headaches, and posture problems during this time. CSIR can help them to feel comfortable in their own body, have better awareness of it, and to go through this time of change with more self-confidence.


Symptoms that bring adults to me include discomfort in the spine and joints, headaches, dizziness, immense stress, and inner tension. After physical and emotional shocks, accidents and surgeries, relaxation through CSIR can be helpful. It leads to more awareness of the body.


Ort: Seminarzentrum LA’AKEA, Aichholzgasse 4, 1120 Wien


  • Mi 15. Feb 2023
  • Mi 15. März 2023
  • Mi 19. April 2023
  • Mi 10. Mai 2023

jeweils 18.30 – 21.00 Uhr

Begleiterinnen: Monika Steiner-März und Anne Tscharmann

Anmeldung: Anne Tscharmann,,


„Ganzheitliche Prägungen durch Prä- und Perinatale Erfahrungen“
Eine Selbsterfahrungsreise für Körpertherapeuten/innen und an eigenen Prozessen Interessierte.

Dauer: 2 Tage (Samstag und Sonntag)

Teil 1 (Eireise, Spermienreise, Konzeption)

Teil 2 (Einnistung, Entdeckung, Geburt)

Ort:  Wien


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